Antonyms MCQS (Set 2)

1. Antonym of ‘sullen’ is _______________.

  • A. dirty
  • B. cheerful
  • C. clean
  • D. risen
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Correct Answer:
B. cheerful

sullen means showing a disagreeable mood, or lacking cheer, therefore cheerful is the opposite

2. Antonym of ‘assure’ is _______________.

  • A. alarm
  • B. reassure
  • C. quiet
  • D. unsure
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Correct Answer:
A. alarm

to assure means to make sure by removing doubt or worry; alarm means to give warning or to arouse fear

3. Antonym of ‘fallacious’ is _______________.

  • A. perfect
  • B. truthful
  • C. accidental
  • D. disarming
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Correct Answer:
B. truthful

fallacious means tending to deceive; truthful means disposed to tell the truth

4. Antonym of ‘gumption’ is _______________.

  • A. seriousness
  • B. apathy
  • C. levity
  • D. despair
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Correct Answer:
B. apathy

gumption means initiative, or drive; apathy means a lack of interest or concern

5. Antonym of ‘ecstasy’ is _______________.

  • A. hate
  • B. agony
  • C. languor
  • D. fatigue
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Correct Answer:
B. agony

ecstasy means a state of rapturous delight; agony means intense pain of mind or body

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