Antonyms MCQs (Set 4)

1. Antonym of ‘prudent’ is _______________.

  • A. simple
  • B. rapid
  • C. foolish
  • D. verbose
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Correct Answer:
C. foolish

prudent means marked by wisdom or good judgment; foolish means marked by a lack of good sense or prudence

2. Antonym of ‘forced’ is _______________.

  • A. quick
  • B. solid
  • C. trusting
  • D. natural
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Correct Answer:
D. natural

forced means produced with effort; natural means uncultivated or spontaneous

3. Antonym of ‘acquaint’ is _______________.

  • A. alienate
  • B. luxurious
  • C. bleach
  • D. stall
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Correct Answer:
A. alienate

to acquaint means to get to know or to become friendly; to alienate means to cause unfriendliness or hostility

4. Antonym of ‘expansive’ is _______________.

  • A. generous
  • B. honest
  • C. narrow
  • D. troublesome
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Correct Answer:
C. narrow

expansive means sizeable or extensive; narrow means restricted

5. Antonym of ‘benign’ is _______________.

  • A. malignant.
  • B. converse
  • C. cautious
  • D. malicious
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Correct Answer:
D. malicious

one meaning of benign is of a gentle disposition; malicious means marked by mischievous impulse

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