Synonyms MCQs (Set 4)

1. Synonym of ‘glare’ is _______________.

  • A. scowl
  • B. hide
  • C. display
  • D. summon
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Correct Answer:
A. scowl

to glare means to stare angrily; to scowl means to have an angry expression

2. Synonym of ‘erratic’ is _______________.

  • A. enticing
  • B. frequent
  • C. difficult
  • D. irregular
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Correct Answer:
D. irregular

erratic means lacking regularity, or irregular

3. Synonym of ‘civil’ is _______________.

  • A. unkind
  • B. trite
  • C. public
  • D. questionable
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Correct Answer:
C. public

one meaning of civil is involving the general public

4. Synonym of ‘peer’ is _______________.

  • A. apple
  • B. connote
  • C. fellow
  • D. recluse
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Correct Answer:
C. fellow

a peer is a person belonging to the same group; a fellow is an equal rank, or a member of the same group

5. Synonym of ‘fiasco’ is _______________.

  • A. festival
  • B. disaster
  • C. happenstance
  • D. ceremony
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Correct Answer:
B. disaster

a fiasco is a complete failure, or a disaster

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