Synonyms MCQs (Set 5)

1. Synonym of ‘dastardly’ is _______________.

  • A. devastating
  • B. cowardly
  • C. clever
  • D. munificent
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Correct Answer:
B. cowardly

dastardly means despicably mean or cowardly

2. Synonym of ‘aficionado’ is _______________.

  • A. novice
  • B. trickster
  • C. devotee
  • D. agent
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Correct Answer:
C. devotee

an aficionado is a fan, or a devotee

3. Synonym of ‘contiguous’ is _______________.

  • A. catching
  • B. divided
  • C. adjoining
  • D. circumstantial
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Correct Answer:
C. adjoining

contiguous means touching along a boundary or point; adjoining means joining at a point or line

4. Synonym of ‘swindler’ is _______________.

  • A. charlatan
  • B. expert
  • C. divinity
  • D. debonair
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Correct Answer:
A. charlatan

a swindler is a person who takes money or property through fraud or deceit; a charlatan is a person who pretends to have knowledge or ability, or a fraud

5. Synonym of ‘rogue’ is _______________.

  • A. knave
  • B. wander
  • C. buffoon
  • D. color
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Correct Answer:
A. knave

a rogue is a dishonest person; a knave is a tricky deceitful person

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