Antonyms MCQs (Set 1)

1. Antonym of ‘withdraw’ is _______________.

  • A. reduce
  • B. need
  • C. advance
  • D. want
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Correct Answer:
C. advance

to withdraw means to remove or retreat; to advance in the opposite of retreat

2. Antonym of ‘secret’ is _______________.

  • A. friendly
  • B. covert
  • C. hidden
  • D. overt
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Correct Answer:
D. overt

secret means hidden or covert; overt means open to view

3. Antonym of ‘heartfelt’ is _______________.

  • A. loving
  • B. insincere
  • C. unhealthy
  • D. humorous
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Correct Answer:
B. insincere

heartfelt means expressing genuine feeling, or sincere, so insincere is its opposite

4. Antonym of ‘impartial’ is _______________.

  • A. hostile
  • B. biased
  • C. dislike
  • D. worried
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Correct Answer:
B. biased

impartial means to be without prejudice or bias, therefore biased is the opposite

5. Antonym of ‘luminous’ is _______________.

  • A. clear
  • B. dim
  • C. brittle
  • D. clever
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Correct Answer:
B. dim

luminous means radiating or reflecting light, or glowing; dim means dark or dull

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