Sentence Completion MCQs (Set 1)

1. She hadn’t eaten all day, and by the time she got home, she was _________.

  • A. blighted
  • B. confutative
  • C. ravenous
  • D. ostentatious
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Correct Answer:
C. ravenous

It means extremely hungry.

2. The movie offended many of the parents of its younger viewers by including unnecessary ________ in the dialogue.

  • A. vulgarity
  • B. verbosity
  • C. vocalizations
  • D. garishness
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Correct Answer:
A. vulgarity

It means offensive speech or conduct.

3. His neighbors found his ____________ manner bossy and irritating, and they stopped inviting him to backyard barbeques.

  • A. insentient
  • B. magisterial
  • C. reparatory
  • D. restorative
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Correct Answer:
B. magisterial

It means overbearing or offensively self-assured.

4. Ali is always ____________ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility.

  • A. legible
  • B. tolerable
  • C. punctual
  • D. literal
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Correct Answer:
C. punctual

It means arriving exactly on time.

5. Maria would _______ her little sister into an argument by teasing her and calling her names.

  • A. advocate
  • B. provoke
  • C. perforate
  • D. lament
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Correct Answer:
B. provoke

To provoke is to incite anger or resentment; to call forth a feeling or action.

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